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The New Jersey home foreclosure defense lawyers of Sadek & Cooper Law Offices blend compassionate counsel with aggressive legal strategies that are designed to protect and preserve not only your rights as a property owner, but the very fabric of the American dream: having a home to call your own. At Sadek & Cooper Law Offices, our attorneys take a two-pronged approach, first seeking solutions to stop pending mortgage foreclosure, then identifying a plan to retain your property into the future.

We know how alarming simply hearing the word “foreclosure” can be, and work closely with homeowners to provide comprehensive legal support from the moment you first contact us for assistance. To start exploring ways to stop foreclosure in New Jersey in a free and confidential consultation, call Sadek & Cooper Law Offices at (856) 354-3310 immediately.

How Can an Attorney Stop Foreclosure and Keep My Home in New Jersey?

New Jersey has one of the highest rates of foreclosure in the United States. Whether they have owned their home for many decades, or are just starting a family in their very first house, for countless New Jersey homeowners, the threat of foreclosure is a daily reality that creates immense stress, anxiety, and fear about the future.
The prospect of losing your home is emotionally devastating; but with the skilled and experience-driven legal representation, you may be able to remain in your property by taking advantage of the numerous legal protections currently available to homeowners in New Jersey. For example, with guidance from the knowledgeable foreclosure defense lawyers of Sadek & Cooper Law Offices, you may be able to keep your house or extend the time you have before foreclosure occurs by:

  • Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in New Jersey.
  • Obtaining a mortgage modification.
  • Qualifying for a pre-foreclosure forbearance plan.

Mortgage Modifications and Forbearance Plans

From medical emergencies to the passing of loved ones to the loss of employment, there are any number of reasons your financial circumstances can change. When changing life circumstances impact your budget, you may start to fall behind on your mortgage plan. If this occurs, our attorneys may be able to help you obtain a modification to your existing mortgage plan, or, where appropriate, help you arrange a pre-foreclosure forbearance plan.

While mortgage modifications and pre-foreclosure forbearance plans share a general purpose – providing financial relief for homeowners who are unable to make their payments – they function very differently.
A mortgage modification is precisely what it sounds like: an alteration to your existing plan, generally requiring a period of about three to eight months to complete successfully. Mortgage modifications are often, but not always, components of bankruptcy, which is another matter our skilled attorneys can assist you with, regardless of whether you intend to file jointly or individually. Unlike a mortgage modification, a forbearance plan does not change the loan’s existing terms, but rather, grants the homeowner additional time to make the missed payments, which are known as mortgage “arrearages.”

Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in NJ

A debtor may file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in New Jersey if he or she has sufficient disposable income to cover the provisions of a three- to five-year repayment plan, also called a “reorganization” plan, to repay debts owed to certain creditors. One of the key benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that it allows New Jersey homeowners to save their homes from foreclosure by making small, manageable payments over the three- to five-year period covered by the reorganization plan. In short, Chapter 13 gives you the chance to save your house by giving you time to catch up on missed payments in a steady, gradual manner.
Needless to say, foreclosure protection is an absolutely critical advantage of Chapter 13 for homeowners who are worried about being foreclosed on. However, in order for Chapter 13 to save your home, it is imperative that you act quickly, as your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case must be filed prior to the date of the foreclosure sale. With experience representing thousands of bankruptcy clients in Southern New Jersey, you can rely on the Chapter 13 attorneys of Sadek & Cooper Law Offices to guide you through the filing process with compassion, care, and meticulous precision.

New Jersey Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Representing Homeowners

According to data supplied by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, approximately one in every 200 homes are foreclosed upon in the United States each year. Yours does not have to be among them.
We understand how frightening, upsetting, and painful it can be to confront the prospect of home foreclosure; but the more proactive you are, and the sooner you contact an attorney for legal assistance, the better your odds of successfully keeping your home will be. Procrastination will merely complicate your case by narrowing the options that are currently available to you – including options you may not even be aware exist.

Don’t allow an avoidable foreclosure to deprive you of your hard-earned property. It may be possible to save your home, or delay foreclosure proceedings long enough to create a viable plan for the future.
To talk about your options for fighting foreclosure in a free and completely confidential consultation, contact the New Jersey foreclosure defense attorneys of Sadek & Cooper Law Offices right away at (856) 354-3310. We represent homeowners in Atlantic County, Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Ocean County, and Salem County.

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