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“Brad and Pat are great! Highly recommended.”

Jay, February 28, 2013


“Brad helped me out. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to file bankruptcy. He is fast and I’m now back on my feet.”

Drew, December 14, 2010




Successful Chapter 13 reorganization of $813,177.94 in mortgage debt and $96,996.83 in unsecured debts which allowed the Petitioner to continue to operate his business and keep his real estate occupied by his business.


Chapter 7 Discharge of over $780,000 of personally guaranteed debt by a reputable homebuilder who unfortunately was a victim of the housing decline.


Over $94,000.00 of student loan debt forgiven by way of adversary proceeding filed on behalf of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy client.


Reduction of secured lien in the amount of $18,577.82 to $3,500.00. The lien reduction saved our clients 81.2% of the secured judgment amount.


Reduction of second mortgage on residential real estate from $150,493.91 to $15,000.00. The mortgage reduction saved our clients over 90% of the amount of the second mortgage.


Chapter 7 Discharge for a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based home ware and cooking storefront which offered demonstrations and cooking classes from its Old City Philadelphia landmark for over 15 years.


Chapter 7 Discharge and voidance of personal guarantee or tax liability in excess of $142,000.00 including mortgage liability.


Successful reorganization of over $320,000.00 in unsecured debts through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy proceeding.


Reduction in Secured IRS claim from $48,009.14 to $4426.23, resulting in a savings of over 90% of the tax debt due and owing.


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